Adulting Club
Sarah Snyder

Adulting Club

Sarah Snyder

Welcome to Adulting Club

A simple yet effective accountability group for women with ADHD.

ADHD Support Your Way

Adulting Club is a private and secure online accountability group for women with ADHD. We're students, professionals, bakers, lion tamers, and sometimes all of the above. Our common thread is our diagnosis ... and the desire to get things done dammit!

How It Works

1. The weekly Accountability thread is where the magic really happens. Once a week we share our goals for the upcoming week, along with our hopes, fears, etc.

2. Mid-week everyone chimes in on their progress and the process starts all over again the following week. Rinse and repeat.

3. For additional support, some of us participate in daily threads. Consider these your optional shot-in-the-arm. 


- Off of Facebook, we are completely closed off and private.

- Super simple process ... but super effective. Participating in this group can be a micro habit or a comprehensive system - this is totally up to you and can be adapted as your needs evolve. 

- Connect with other ADHD women in a zero-stigma zone. We don't shame others, and "failures" are just one step closer to answers in the experiment of You.

- Full access to the ebook vault on (a $42+ value)

Praise for Adulting Club

"I am so grateful to have found Adulting with ADHD. I joined this group for ADHD support and accountability. I have experienced exactly that, plus so much more!"

"This group has helped me to achieve so many of my goals since joining. Having a group that understands and supports me to report back to every week has not only kept me on track, but helped me see all of the little victories that I might have missed otherwise."

"I think the group will be a great help to people with ADD/ADHD. The moderator of the site is great with keeping up with the content."
- Member Since July 2018

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