Adulting Club
Sarah Snyder

Adulting Club

Sarah Snyder

Welcome to Adulting Club

A simple yet effective accountability group for women with ADHD.

The Club You Never Knew You Always Wanted

I'm an online accountability group junkie. Well, I was until I created something I could never seem to find anywhere else. Adulting Club is a private online community for women with ADHD. We're students, professionals, bakers, lion tamers, and sometimes all of the above. Our common thread is our diagnosis ... and the desire to get things done dammit!

Accountability Thread

The weekly Accountability thread is where the magic really happens. Once a week we share our goals for the upcoming week, along with our hopes, fears, etc. Mid-week I check in on everyone's progress, then we circle back at the end of the week to compare notes and set the upcoming week's goals again. Rinse and repeat.

Easy Subscription Model

Start and stop membership with ease. Too busy to deal with it? Put it on pause. Ready to take the world by the balls again? Turn it back on. No fuss, no muss. Everything on this network is incredibly easy to use, sleekly designed and honestly just super fun to hang out on.

Cleanly Organized Into Themes

Don't have a kid? You'll never hear about leaky diapers. Stay-at-home mom? We'll spare you the workplace venting. Discussion topics are organized into themes, and you only opt into what you want to hear about!

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